​​​​​​Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools

           making American schools healthy, one child at a time 

Quotes on CHAPS

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For children to get inspired by the CHAPS message: to create awareness and promote healthy living, educate others about the obesity epidemic, and practice making the healthy choices. 

“What I loved about CHAPS 2018 was seeing how so many different organizations are coming together. Obesity is the #1 public health concern in the US, and it has a lot to do with poverty.”

- Kerrie Wilson, CEO, Cornerstones

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“...Food for Others applauds the work of CHAPS in raising awareness about children’s health issues and promoting healthy living. We are pleased to partner with CHAPS and applaud Shreya’s effort to coordinate a conference that engages the community in finding solutions to the challenges children face in our own communities such as hunger and food insecurity.”

- John Golden, Director of Development and Outreach, Food for Others

"I pledge to make healthy choices and promote awareness about the importance of children's health"

“This awesome entrepreneur saw a need, got involved, and started and leads an award-winning organization that empowers children to make healthy choices.”

- Karen Bate, Radio Broadcaster, Awesome Women Entrepreneurs

​​​​For all children to learn the holistic approach to healthy living in all aspects of their lives (mental, dental, physical, and heart health)