​​​​​​Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools

           making American schools healthy, one child at a time 

October 2013:Shreya Papneja, currently attending Langley High School, founded the Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools (CHAPS)

October 2015: Certified First organization: Study Concepts Inc. ​
​October 2015: CHAPS held its first kids health event, CHAPS 2015.
Keynote speech from Delegate Patrick. A Hope and endorsement from Senator Barbara Favola.
December 2015: CHAPS was invited as a youth speaker at the Bridges Interfaith Event. Bridges applauded and acknowledged Shreya's contributions to the community as a youth entrepreneur.
January 2016:Our Founder and CEO, Shreya Papneja, was invited for a meeting with Chief of Staff of the First Lady of Virginia, Dorothy McAullife.
May 2016: Our Founder and CEO, Shreya Papneja, was invited to meet with LuAnne Bennet, the Democratic Nominee for Virginia's 10th congressional district, to discuss issues related to health and nutrition faced by unprivileged children.
April 2016: CHAPS was awarded the 2016 Fairfax County Service Award for our community Service.
October 2016: CHAPS held its second kids health event, CHAPS 2016, at Rachel Carson Middle School.
Keynote speech by Senator Barbara Favola and Welcome speech by Delegate Jennifer Boysko.
December 2016: CHAPS was Featured in the Washington (Kids) Post.
April 2017: Our Founder and CEO, Shreya Papneja, was recognized as a finalist for the Best of Reston Award
August 2017: CHAPS was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia.
March 2018: Our Founder and CEO, Shreya Papneja, was interviewed by Awesome Women Entrepreneurs and we were featured on WERA 96.7 FM.
April 2018: CHAPS held its first healthy food drive at Langley High School.
​​​April 2018: CHAPS held its third kids health event, CHAPS 2018.
Keynote Speech by Delegate Jennifer Boysko.
July 2018: CHAPS held a booth, conducted a raffle, and organized the fundraiser at the VSB 2018 Youth Festival.

November 2018: CHAPS supported the Arlington Turkey Trot and its costume party. 

"I pledge to make healthy choices and promote awareness about the importance of children's health"


CHAPS (Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools), founded in December 2015 by Shreya Papneja, is a non-profit organization that aims to enable and empower children to make healthier choices for themselves and to educate children about all facets of their health. We hold annual CHAPS events, hold workshops regularly, and we aim for children to realize that health is a very important aspect to their life and will impact their future. CHAPS aims to educate and create awareness about mental, dental, physical, and heart health. CHAPS is a safe way for kids to learn the correct approach to live a healthy lifestyle.



Choices that we make today impact our future! Our health included. Parents always want the best for their children, but sometimes it becomes hard for them to make healthy choices for us, or even guide us to make the healthy choice, as they are stretched thin between work and home.  Therefore ultimately, it is up to us to make the right choice for ourselves. There is a lot of information out there, but we don't always know how or where to begin. The answer is here - CHAPS is where we can begin. Shreya Papneja, the Founder and CEO of the Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools (CHAPS), created this website because she is a student just like you and faces challenges similar to yours when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Her health choices impact not only her health but all facets of her life. Through CHAPS, the CHAPS team, CHAPS volunteers, CHAPSters, and our supporters, share their experiences and knowledge with you, so that you can make healthier choices for yourself. We dedicate this website and our initiative to all those who want to make the effort to be healthy and make a difference in their lives!