​​​​​​Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools

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The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the way we live. For many, this public health emergency has limited the access to food resources that are available under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. Families in-need have been challenged to get access to reduced-priced meals for children. Food supplies have also been dwindling due to an unhealthy difference between its demand and supply.

"Chefs Feeding Families", a joint initiative restaurant located in the D.C. Metro area, was launched to provide nutritious grab-and-go meals to families affected by school closures. The meals are prepared and served according to CDC recommendations with strict health and sanitation practices. The Children’s Health Awareness Program in Schools (CHAPS) founded and run by a rising senior at DC metro area high-school set a goal to raise $5,000 for this effort and donate to Real Food for Kids (RFFK), an organization that is working directly with "Chefs Feeding Families" for this initiative. On May 20th, 2020, CHAPS went beyond its goal and raised $5,520.

“Like the rest of us, students have had their lives turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet their resiliency and commitment to helping neighbors during this crisis has been an inspiration to us all,” said Jenn Yates, Executive Director at RFFK, “Real Food for Kids is grateful to our student board representative and CHAPS founder, Shreya Papneja, for supporting our work to provide free, nourishing meals to children and families in need through the Chefs Feeding Families initiative."

The amount will be used to purchase food and supplies to ensure that the "Chefs Feeding Families" initiative is able to continue successfully through the duration of the school closures due to COVID 19. We are also extremely thankful to one of our biggest supporters, ERPi.

“Our children’s healthy living matters! CHAPS was out ahead of our current crisis, with their mission serving as a North Star. CHAPS & RFFK have the nutritional food delivery channels and accountability mechanisms in place to ensure your contributions help those in need,” said Greg Jacobson, Vice President, ERPi, “They make it easy to serve others. Thank you CHAPS for your leadership and commitment to the nourishment and safety of our greatest treasures...our children.”

CHAPS would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere Thank You to everyone who has donated for this cause - as your dollars are helping feed American children and their families in need.

For supporting CHAPS and funding inquiries contact –  info@chapsamerica.org

CHAPS Announces Fundraiser Goal Reached for COVID-19 Impacted School Children

Funds to Aid with Food Assistance When Schools are Closed in Collaboration with Real Food For Kids

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May 22, 2020