​​​​​​Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools

           making American schools healthy, one child at a time 

​​​​​" A better life, begins with a beautiful smile"

Keeping your teeth clean is essential as a clean mouth prevents germs and bacteria from causing cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria feast on the teeth and create holes in them. To prevent cavities, you should brush your teeth at least two or three times a day, floss regularly, and eat foods that don't stick to your teeth, especially the ones that have a lot of sugar in them. Keep away from sugary drinks. They're the worst!

If we ignore to brush our teeth for a few days, a thin invisible layer of germs called plaque forms on them. Ignoring them for a few more days will make the plaque thicker, harder, and visible. This is called calculus. If calculus forms under our gums, it causes infection, and our gums appear to be red and swollen and bleed very easily - even while brushing. This is called gum disease or gingivitis. Brushing your teeth twice a day removes plaque and therefore prevents gingivitis. Gingivitis not only causes your gums to bleed, it also makes your mouth smell really bad. This is called halitosis. That is why it is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year and get a thorough cleaning.  

Clean teeth and a healthy germ free mouth will give you a beautiful smile and a beautiful smile will give you tons and tons of self confidence. So remember, for a healthy and clean mouth, brush your teeth in the morning right after you get up and before you go to bed at night. Brush your teeth for two minutes each time and if you're over seven years of age, floss regularly. You may have to do this under parent supervision initially, but don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of it.