​​​​​​Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools

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Added Sugar

This is the sugar not found in natural foods. This recommendation comes from the American Heart Association (AHA). 
Donuts, candy and other sweet products have added sugar in them.
A single donut can have up to 17 teaspoons of added sugar in it! Other offenders include soda, juice, cake, cookie, etc. Fruits are naturally sweet. So next time you feel a sweet craving coming on, reach for a banana or an apple, or any other fruit of your choice and not something with added sugar.

Source: http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-highest-in-carbohydrates.php

Reading a Nutrition Label

Nutrition labels enable us to know the nutritional value of a food product. Mostly all packaged and bottled products available in the US contain a nutrition label. It is essential to learn how to read a nutrition label in order to determine what ingredients are found in a food or drink product, allowing us to make the healthy choice. 

Source: http://www.heb.com/page/recipes-cooking/cooking-tips/reading-nutrition-labels


Carbohydrates are essential for everyone, especially for growing children. They help in fighting diseases and development. In fact, a deficiency in the diet of this important nutrient can lead to disease. On the flip side empty (refined/starchy) calories – those which give no real energy should be avoided or at least limited to special treats. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates like sugar or corn syrup, can lead to many diseases like obesity, type II diabetes, and cancer. See the table to the right for the good and bad sources of carbohydrates 

There are two aspects to making a healthy food choice: 

1) Knowing what the healthy choice is 

2) Implementing that choice
We are flooded with options! When we walk into a grocery store, there are isles and isles of food, each of them calling out to us.